We’ve been making diamond tailed surfboards since the late 1980’s.  These were High Performance long boards built to ride in contests.  So here’s the design concept: When the corner of a square tail – which is the point of drive – is moved forward it moves the end of the outline curve forward.  In essence, the board becomes shorter by that amount.  We’ve been using this design trick  for 2 1/2 decades and it is exciting to apply this idea to the SS DT.

This a super design by Tim Stamps, for small waves that will be a great choice for an average sized beach break with some open faces.  It is a single fin that is a worthy stepping stone from our Mid Range & Transitional style boards.

Your WeightSizeTailWidthNoseThickness
140-1455-415 13/1620 1/8152 5/16
145-1505-615 13/1620 1/4152 3/8
150-1555-815 13/1620 3/8152 7/16
155-1605-1015 13/1620 1/2152 1/2
160-1656-015 13/1620 5/8152 9/16
165-1706-215 13/1620 3/4152 5/8
170-1756-415 13/1620 7/8152 11/16
175-1806-615 13/1621152 3/4
180-1856-815 13/1621 1/8152 13/16

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