Drive down line and snaps off the lip are inherent traits of this quad. It is a board for the more advanced surfer — a true piece of high performance equipment. With a wider width and tail, it borrows a little of the fish feel. The wings allow the outline to break curve without sacrificing speed, in fact the wings enhance that speed. The swallow is wide, so we have a taste of fish here too. The quad fin set promotes very tight turns, and there is no center fin to cause drag. This design is from the mind and hands of Tim Stamps – and is Electric!

Your WeightSizeTailWidthNoseThickness
140-1507-015 1/421 5/814 1/22 3/4
150-1607-215 1/421 3/414 1/22 7/8
160-1707-415 1/421 7/814 1/22 7/8
170-1807-615 1/42214 1/23
180-1907-815 1/421 1/814 1/23 1/8
190-2007-1015 1/422 1/414 1/23 1/8

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