PlantainThe EvolverMerlin

Evolution Series

With 50/50 nose rails transitioning to down turned in the tail, this is a great blend in board design. The 50/50 rail naturally finds a better slot in the wave for tip work, but 50/50 rails in the tail has always needed too much area in fin surface to get some bite. The Evolution series all have the 50/50 nose rails but also have contemporary hard, down turned tail rails that provide bite in a turn. Now, there is a group of boards that provide the best of both worlds. All Evolution models are glassed with two layers of 6 oz. silane on the deck, and one layer of 6 oz. silane on the bottom and have a gloss and polish finish.
Provided are specific fins for each model.

RapierBanana ModelSan-O


These are great surfboards for the full spectrum of surfing ability, from beginner to pro. Every surfer should have one in their quiver. They are very forgiving, and just fun to ride! They all come with 6/6 deck and 6 bottom.

66 BananaClassicNineteenNoseriderThe TS Shape


Classic surfboards have the traditional egg, or 50/50 rail design and a slight roll to the bottom. They have a very smooth ride, with emphasis on the nose. Intermediate to pro ability. All classics come with 6/6 deck and 6 bottom.

H3QuatroHP1Diamond TailWing PinTurboHabaneroSol

High Performance

These boards average 1/4" thinner than cruisers and classics. The thinness and lighter weight 6/4 deck and 6 bottom glass allows much more sensitivity to the wave. They all have our famous nose channels and 3/8" basswood stringer. Accomplished to pro ability recommended.

Super RevolverMore FunDrifterSpherical Revolver

Midrange & Transitional

Accomplished surfers that want to explore shorter more maneuverable boards. 6/4 Deck & 6 bottom and lower volume give these designs a life of their own.



These cutting edge shapes take Harbour to the forefront of contemporary surfboard design, providing the latest in surfboard designs that literally fly across the wave. These boards are for the serious surfer who has the time to spend exploring the vast possibilities that they can deliver. All come with 3/16” bass center stringer and are glassed with a 6/4 oz. deck and 4 oz. bottom. They all come with a sand finish to keep the weight and cost to a minimum.
Fins are by Futures and are specific for each model.