These cutting edge shapes take Harbour to the forefront of contemporary surfboard design, providing the latest in surfboard designs that literally fly across the wave. These boards are for the serious surfer who has the time to spend exploring the vast possibilities that they can deliver. All come with 3/16” bass center stringer and are glassed with a 6/4 oz. deck and 4 oz. bottom. They all come with a sand finish to keep the weight and cost to a minimum.
Fins are by Futures and are specific for each model.

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We’ve been making diamond tailed surfboards since the late 1980’s.  These were High Performance long boards built to ride in contests.  So here’s the design concept: When the corner of a square tail – which is the point of drive – is moved forward it moves the end of the outline curve forward.  In essence, […]

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This design in the early stages had a “Morey Boogie Board” look with a square nose.  Since Tom Morey had changed his name to “Y”, I thought it would be nice to honor him.  It no longer looks like that, but the “Why” name stuck. This shape has definite “Fish” undertones.  The Why is a […]

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If you are a good paddler and in good shape the Sausage is your guarantee for a good time! This board shines in waves waist to head high that are generally less powerful and mushy. The flat rocker, wide template and full rails make for an effortless glide. The shorter length makes for tighter, in […]

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A Fish shape is not for beginners, as some skill is needed to make it work. Surfing a Fish is almost like riding a skateboard on water. They have very little rocker, and a width that is almost as wide as a contemporary board that is 3 feet longer. There is lots of curve in […]

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Drive down line and snaps off the lip are inherent traits of this quad. It is a board for the more advanced surfer — a true piece of high performance equipment. With a wider width and tail, it borrows a little of the fish feel. The wings allow the outline to break curve without sacrificing […]

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