These boards average 1/4″ thinner than cruisers and classics. The thinness and lighter weight 6/4 deck and 6 bottom glass allows much more sensitivity to the wave. They all have our famous nose channels and 3/8″ basswood stringer. Accomplished to pro ability recommended.

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A high performance 2+1 design that is a bit wider than our other high performance boards, this board has the turn that one expects from a pintail, and plenty of acceleration out of that turn. The H3 will handle a wide range of surf size and quality with little loss of performance no matter what […]

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A design from Tim Stamps, this is our H-3 with a four-fin set up. The quad pintail delivers turns without boundaries and unlimited down line drive. More turn, more drive. A must have for any serious surfer.недорогой отдыхукладка ламината харьковламината укладкаvzlom-vk.netраскрутка сайта – москва

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The HP1, our High Performance single fin nose rides, tube rides, paddles and catches waves better than a tri-fin board of similar dimensions because it has no side fins to create drag in the water. Carving turns was never easier on a single fin because of the board’s shape and specifically the specially designed HP […]

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Diamond Tail

The corners of the diamond tail are 2″ forward of the same length square tail shortening both the outline and the rocker line at the rail, thus shortening the turning radius. This causes the board to feel shorter, making the Diamond Tail a very responsive design with more than adequate drive and turn connect.translate fromcondo […]

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Wing Pin

Available as a single fin and 2+1, this design is for the more advanced surfer. Pintails have been known for their general forgiving nature since the beginning of modern surfboard design. The pin tail design allows for great transition from turn to cutback. But in the case of the Wing Pin, the wings give drive […]

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This is our high performance squash tail that softens the harshness of a square tail. The Turbo performs in all conditions making it a great all around high performance long board. This shape has excellent drive while coming out of the turn, a feature that power surfers really enjoy.ми-2miami downtown condos for saleBankdeBinaryvzlom-vk.netцерковь возрождение

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Named after the world’s hottest chile, the Habanero blazes! Tighter turning, faster down the line but not for the weak – this board really packs heat. With the super pulled in nose and diamond shaped tail, the Habanero is ideal for big fast hollow waves. Advanced surfers riding larger sized waves please!сравнение летних шин для […]

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The Sol model was inspired while the Harbour design team was on the North Shore of Oahu recalling the remarkable attributes of the 1967 Sol. This pintail board delivers smooth turns and transition to cut backs while its slim outline gives enough punch for great drive from the turns. The Sol is offered in clear […]

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