These are great surfboards for the full spectrum of surfing ability, from beginner to pro. Every surfer should have one in their quiver. They are very forgiving, and just fun to ride! They all come with 6/6 deck and 6 bottom.

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This pin tail has the float and paddling of the Banana, and as much stability on the nose as the San-O. It has the wonderful flow of turn to cut back that the pin tail delivers. Not all pin tails are alike, as the outline preceding the tail curve has been carefully crafted to minimize […]

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Banana Model

The original Banana model was designed in 1963 – it was yellow and just happened to look like a giant banana in the surf. It was unique in that it had significantly more rocker than the typical surfboard built during this era and may have been the first board designed with real rocker. Since then […]

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You want a board that will catch lots of waves? This is your board. The San-O model was designed as the longboard with excellent flotation, stability and ease of paddling, with plenty of maneuverability. The San-O model’s wide nose and tail gives the outline in the middle of the board some straightness, which aids the […]

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