Shane wants a new design

Our creative salesman Shane Bowman has been the genius behind some of the latest T-shirts. The HP Fin, Octopus, Pier, Banana, and the latest the Cali Bear Tee. So when he ever so slightly mentioned to me he was interested in a new shape that was spinning around in his ever so busy brain, I stepped up and did it.

Sanding the slightly concave bottom.

After 53 ,years of shaping, I’ve collected the proper tools for the job. Here’s a case in point. For the final sanding, the stringer needs to be level with the foam. This is typically done with a block plane but in this case, a standard plane is too wide and floats in the concave without cutting. However, my super small (rosewood) plane does the trick perfectly. And I do it (perfectly) no other way.

Shane and I with the 4-11 Simms style Diamond tail that was his inspiration. It will be a twin “keel” style fin set-up.
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