Order a Surfboard

All our surfboards can either be fully custom ordered or we have a revolving inventory of stock boards that you can choose from.

To order a custom surfboard contact the shop staff by email or phone and they will gladly guide you through the order process. We want to make sure you get the perfect surfboard for your needs. Keep in mind the following questions as it will help us in getting you on the right ride!

  • Your Age
  • Your Weight
  • Number of (recent) years surfing
  • Average size waves to surf – or where you usually go out
  • how many days per month will you surf
  • Is this a seasonal board or year round
  • What surfboard are you riding now and what makes you want to change

Should you want a specific color, stringer configuration, tail blocks, nose block, or custom dimensions we can make it happen. To better visulize your new custom surfboard, download our printable PDF surfboard order form, take out your colored pencils and start designing (the shop staff will assist you with all of the technical details). You may want to browse through our gallery of boards on our Pintrest gallery for ideas or perhaps a stock board just arrived that suits your fancy. We keep around 50 boards in stock so feel free to call the shop and see what boards are in our showroom.

Look for a dealer near you – if you do not see a dealer close to you, check out our shipping information below.

Surfboard Payment

All custom surfboards and surfboards purchased from stock must be paid in full before shipping.

Several factors will effect the shipping cost:

Per board packing charges are $50.00.

All surfboards are shipped freight collect, which means the customer pays all freight charges upon delivery.

Destination charges

Shipping charges can range from $150.00 to several hundred.

The size and weight of the board will effect the cost.

Picking your board up at the airport is cheaper. You must make these arrangements with your salesperson at the time of purchase.

It is also cheaper to deliver to a business address.

If you have a favorite carrier let us know. Otherwise we will select the best possible. Best may not be the least expensive. Some of the cheaper freight companies don’t offer insurance.

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