‘Opening Day’ SUP Leftovers

Dear Rich,

Thursday was ‘opening day’ at northside last week. My work hobby got in the way of my surfing career again on thurs. so I had to wait ’till friday to get the leftovers….. here is sequence of me on one of the better set waves of the late morining. We had beautiful light, surprisingly minimal crowd and my new 9-6 wing-pin was working just awesome. (all photos: Elva De Jarnett)

Greg Escalante was out, ripping on his 9-10. Here he cranking a little ‘S’ turn off the wall….

and another one of Greg dragging a paw on a nice little right….

and one last one of Escrow, nice flow off the board!

one last sequence of me – I came in on this one – it was not going to get any better for me that day.

as always – more to come…..

keep it moist,


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