NEW 9’4″ Merlins In Stock!

We just got in a couple 9’4″ Merlins in stock this weekend! a 9’4″ will work great for someone 165-170 pounds surfing waves such as San-O, Malibu, Bolsa Chica (when it’s not closing out), Doheny, and the likes. I don’t believe we have had a single Merlin come in for the used rack…that’s just how much people like them!

Those that ride contemporary cruisers with hard, down turned rails such as the Banana, Rapier, or San-O will find that the Merlin is a great stepping stone towards a traditional 60s type log. The Merlin has a blend of a soft rail (from the 60s) and a hard rail (from today). Fun times are almost a guarantee on this one! Ride the nose, crank a turn, or set trim, this one will do it all.

We got two 9’4″ Merlins for stock. This first one has a red resin tint and a denim blue resin tint. Both wrap to the bottom and do the same design. This one is going for $980 fin included.

This second 9’4″ Merlin features a dark blue resin tint and a white opaque paint job that both wrap to the bottom and do the same design. This one is also going for $980 fin included.

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