Have you ever loaned your board to someone….

Dear Rich,

Have you ever loaned you board to someone only to discover that they ride it better you can ever hope to? Well it happened to me recently at Mullet Reef with Tim Stamps. I swapped my new 9-10 wingpin SUP (which i love, by the way) for Tims new Stamps 9-0, and Tim proceeded to put on a clinic on how to properly ride small surf on an SUP. Here he is on my 9-10 demostrating how to plant the paddle on the backside rail and crank the board around. (all photos: Elva De Jarnett)

Granted my board is a bit oversized for Tim and when he got back his 9-0 he was really ripping out there. Here he is doing a carbon copy of the same cutback on a board he made for PROCAM CEO, Brian Lindsey.

I did my best to hold up my end of the bargain out there,

but Tim was in the zone that day. He made it look the way music sounds, being more radical (with no loss of style) than anyone else out there.

more to come….

Keep it moist


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