Greg Escalante’s New Board

Dear Rich,

Greg Escalante is really ripping on his new hi performance SUP. His 9-10 wing pin is really turning heads between Seal Beach and San-O. As you can see, the pulled in nose you put on this board is allowing him to carve on the open face to a remarkable degree. Stand-up-paddle-surfing has really whipped Greg into amazing shape for a 50-something surfer. Here he is on a few waves at Brokeback Reef last week. (all photos: Elva De Jarnett)

And here he is ripping Dogpatch on that last Southern Hemi, the sets were solidly overhead and, as you can see, the board is just working better with size. Just a couple days before this he surfed Dogpatch with a top (if not THE top) SUP shaper from south county whom, after watching Greg surf, asked to try his board for a few waves and gave it high praise.

Greg says this board has shifted his perspective on how SUP fits into his surfing life. He says he is riding larger waves and is able to push the board into more critical positions than he could on his diamondtail, which had a greater volume and more width.

As always, more to come….

Keep it moist,

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