The “E Series fins were developed to enhance the performance of longboards with tails wider than 15” whether they have hard or soft tail rails. They have a full base for drive and lots of area that has been reduced in the neck for ease of turn. And the tip area has plenty of expanse for stability and hold for those long nose rides.
Start by placing the fin at about 8 ” from the tail. This measurement is from the base of the fin that is above the fin tab. Surfers weighing more than the recommended fin size should move the fin towards the back of the box about 1/4”. Lighter surfers will move the fin forward about 1/4”. Never settle for the first fin placing. Be sure and experiment, because 1/4” movement will make a huge difference in the board’s performance.
Note: The below infograph is not steadfast rules, just guidelines that are expected to be broken. Enjoy!консилер где купитьsearch your tweetsbuy apartments in miamiVibercrack скачатьmt4 brokers

E Series

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