During the development of the Nose Rider surfboard, it became very apparent that no fin in the system was going to be a perfect fit. So I proceeded to design a fin with leading and trailing edges almost parallel, and a very low 2.9“ Rake. The parallel design makes the fin‘s mass full throughout, but the low rake will give great board rotation for setting up the trip to the tip.
Our fin box location on boards that can use this style fin will get the fin box set closer to the tail. This provides the necessary grip needed for noseriding. Set your fin about 5“ from the tail for the first try out. Be sure to experiment, finding that sweet spot for the lengthy tip ride.арт дверинадежное поисковое продвижение сайтааналоговые видеокамеры для видеонаблюденияvzlom-na-zakaz.orgTM robot

Nose Rider Series

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