The R Series fin came about with the development of our Rapier Model. When we put the first Rapier in the water for testing, I figured the HP fin would work just fine. WRONG! The board was super squirrely, so I introduced some filler in the fin‘s neck. And, voila! The R Series fins were born. There is just enough volume in the neck, and area in the tip, producing awesome rotation. This series of fins is the benchmark for all of our wide tailed, mid sized boards. They have great holding power for a fin that looks like it has too much area cut away.
Try it placed about 8 1/2“ from the tail. Do not assume that this is the perfect position – you need to experiment. Move it forward to loosen the board up, and aft to slow down too much side drift when doing a powerful turn. Movements should be in 1/4“ increments.маленькие ноутбукиforex Free Bonus Binary Optionsвизитки харьковсменитьmetatrader 4 review

R Series

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