The HP Series fins were initially created to develope fins for single fin High Performance longboards that have a tail width narrower than 15” and hard rails. The HP fin has a full base for great drive, and significant reduction in the neck area that creates the “Wag” that these fins are renouned for. The “Wag” flexes like the tail of a shark when you enter a turn, then snaps back, producing an unprecidented thrust when you exit the turn.
After the success of the HP Fin series I had a look at the center fin we were using and decided that it could use the same format, but as a center piece of a 2+1 set up. And voila! This fin worked better than anticipated. It even works for very heavy surfers riding very large surfboards.kharkivработа юрисконсульта24optionсменитьпоисковая оптимизация сайта

HP Series

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