Blythe Bejan…… Ripping

Dear Rich,

I just wanted to share a recent pic that Harbour Surf Team member Blythe Bejan sent me. Blythe confirms in this shot that she is one of the finest ‘power-stylists’ in SoCal region. Her surfing is all about ‘flow’ and then using the speed and power generated thereby to put herself into those ‘oh-my-god-she’ll-never-make-it /oh-wait / I- can’t-believe-she-did….’ situations.

Clearly inspired by the likes of Phil Edwards, Gerry Lopez, and Tommy Curren, Ms. Bejan is a surfer whose precise positioning combines with an uncanny grace-under-fire to make everyone who sees her perform say:

‘Gee, I wish I could surf like her….’.

more to come, as always

keep it moist

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