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 Mark Martinson –  Honolua Bay, where backlit by the setting sun, transparent green lines with almost flawless shape roll through, sliced occasionally by the fin of a lonely surfer’s board.

It was late December 1965 and few surfers had ventured away from the island of Oahu to surf.  Seven of us had the guts to take a chance and try to see if these rumors were true…

We rounded the point where you first see Honolua Bay and our chins almost dropped off our faces as our Chevy emerged from the underbrush covering the boat-launching area.  There were spectacular rides that hot, sunny afternoon.  It was a day none of them would ever forget; the beauty, solitude and perfection of Honolua Bay – the surfer’sheaven.   – Rich Harbour  

Mark Martinson 1965

 Come celebrate 55 years of craft and stoke –  Saturday, November 15 Bolsa Chica Sate Beach, tower #23

Mark Martinson,  Honolua Bay 1965

Relics from 1964

50 Years ago today, September 5th 1964, these three custom boards were placed on order and shaped here at Harbour Surfboards .  55 years later, you can still stop by our shop and order up the surfboard of your dreams and watch it be shaped.  Custom colors, stringers, logo placement and any other bell and whistle you can think of….

1964 2

1964 3

1964 Custom Board Order