One of our favorite ads from 1968 published in SURFER Magazine  / January Volume No. 9

How things used to get done… Pen, Paper and a Postage Stamp!

SURFER Magazine / January Volume No. 9

SURFER Magazine / January Volume No. 9

Dear Rich,

Just returned from a side trip to Portugal.  Found some great surf at a place called “Sagres.”

The board I’m going to describe – I would like to have in Puerto Rico.

Foil type thickness.  Thickest part forward.  Widest part forward.  No hard edges except for last foot.  Straightest tail possible with pointed egg shape rail.  Give boat type belly with extra kick.  Not too far back right at the end.

Length 7’8”

Width 22 ¼”

Nose 17 1//4”

Tail-Radial look – 14-15 – slight hip

Thickness 3 ¼”

Rail thickness med-mild – 50/50 stock

Tail Block – rounded

Fin – Long and flexible.  Thinned out

 (Followed with 4 stick man drawings of Old Trim and New Trim.  Old Track and New Track with “full on brodie control”)

 This idea may seem a little far out but at least we can give it a try.  I will phone you from New York and find out where you sent the board.  We’re on our way to Paris right now.

Later,  Mark